Once a referral is called or faxed to us, our referral specialists will contact the patient directly to obtain a detailed medical history. If the patient has had recent spine X-rays, an MRI scan, CT scan, Bone Scan, EMG or Myelogram we will ask the patient to send the films and reports to our office. This information is used by the spine specialist to prepare a treatment plan individually designed to match the patient’s need.

Once the films and reports are received, a spine specialist will review the patient’s history and films, and develop a treatment plan. Treatment plans may include an expedited clinic appointment or more diagnostic tests, physical therapy or a pain management referral prior to an appointment.

Next, the care coordinator will contact the patient and report the spine specialist’s assessment and recommendations for treatment. The care coordinator will also help coordinate the patient’s treatment and therapy. Patients will receive verbal education about their condition and the assurance of an expedited appointment if treatment results are unsatisfactory. The referring physician and/or primary care physician is informed of the spine specialist’s impression and recommendation(s) and asked to authorize components of the treatment plan including additional testing, a pain management referral or physical therapy, as applicable.

It is the goal of the WVU Medicine Spine Center, through the use of this approach, to start the patient’s treatment plan quickly so that the patient can get on the road to recovery as soon as possible. Those patients who are identified as urgent or a potential surgical candidate will be given an expedited appointment into one of our five Spine Specialist clinics.

Whether the patient requires surgery or non-surgical treatment, to refer patients to the WVU Medicine Spine Center for a medical triage, fax the Consultation Request Sheet with a cover sheet stating Spine Specialist referral to 304-293-6326.

To call in a referral, please provide the Consultation Request Sheet information directly to 304-293-6325. Once received, our referral specialist will contact the patient directly to initiate the medical triage evaluation process.