Bariatric Gastric Bypass Surgery Success Stories

If you’re struggling with your weight, you’re not alone. The WVU Medicine Bariatrics team can help you in your journey to better health. Some of our Bariatrics patients have agreed to share their stories in the hope that they will encourage and inspire others who may be facing similar health challenges.

Returning to Health

John and Brenda Mallis’s health was in great danger — they were each more than 100 pounds overweight. John was taking 22 pills a day to manage his diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health conditions. Brenda had trouble with her blood pressure and was trying to manage her diet to prevent diabetes. They knew they had to do something before it was too late.


Making Healthier Choices

wendy-g-2-webWendy Goings has struggled with her weight since she was a child. When she was 7-years-old, her doctors told her she was overweight. In high school, she weighed more than 200 pounds. By the time she was in her late 30s, her weight soared to the highest it had ever been: 410 pounds. It was then that Wendy thought she was headed to an early death.



Down 16 Pant Sizes!

pheavnerNow that Paul has lost more than 150 pounds, he’s able to make the most out of his workout sessions.

Paul Hevner has always enjoyed going to the gym. Despite his healthy habit, he had another habit that was hard to break: overeating.





dhines-webDebora’s Life Changes

Debbie Hines could fall asleep anywhere. Her daily routine consisted of going to work, coming home and falling asleep right away. The grandmother of three says she didn’t have much quality of life and missed out on important life moments. Then, she decided it was time to live again.




lyonelwLyonel’s New Lease on Life

Lyonel Weld has always struggled with his weight. The school teacher and roller coaster enthusiast says it was impacting both his professional and personal life. All of that changed when he made the decision to get gastric bypass surgery.