Family House serves adult patients and their families. A patient must be 18 years of age or older to qualify for a room. Families of patients under 18 should contact the Ronald McDonald House at 304-598-0050.

Guests wishing to stay at Family House must live 50 miles or more from Morgantown.

Outpatients staying at Family House must have an appropriate caregiver if they cannot care for themselves.

Family House can provide only one room per family and no more than three people can stay in a room. Family House charges only $20 per night per room. It costs us $40 per night to operate a room. The balance is covered by grateful guests and generous friends of Family House.

If you qualify, ask a hospital employee to submit an electronic referral to Family House and you will be placed on the Family House waiting list.

Due to the great demand for rooms, Family House always has a waiting list. Because guests may stay at Family House as long as the patient is undergoing medical treatment at West Virginia University Hospitals, we do not know when a room will be available for you and your family.

Wait List Process

As rooms become available, they are generally given to the families who have been on the waiting list the longest. Long-term outpatients are given priority and all room assignments are made at the director’s discretion.

You are asked to check in with Family House once each day before noon to remain on the waiting list. If you fail to check in, your name will be removed from the waiting list.

Family House staff and volunteers can assist you in finding a local hotel until a room becomes available for you. Hotel discount rates range from $49.95 – $115 plus tax. Please note that discount rates and rooms are subject to availability and you are responsible for payment of your hotel room bill.