The results of plastic surgery depend not only on the skill and the experience of the plastic surgeon, but also on your age, health, skin texture, bone structure, healing capacity, and any other physical problems you may have.

Doctors from many medical fields perform plastic surgery on the face. These fields include:

  • otolaryngology-head and neck surgery
  • general plastic surgery
  • oral-maxillofacial surgery
  • dermatology
  • ophthalmology (oculoplastics)

Facial plastic surgeons rebuild and repair facial irregularities that are present at birth or are caused by burns, injuries, disease, or aging. They are often able to restore and improve both function and appearance of the face.

Depending on the type of surgery, most facial plastic surgery can be done safely and comfortably on an out-patient basis. Some procedures may be done in the hospital.

Risks involved in most plastic surgery are minimal. There are inherent risks in any surgery, but many thousands of plastic surgery procedures are performed each year without issue.


Fees for cosmetic surgery are usually paid in advance, because this type of surgery often is elective and not covered by insurance. The best way to find out if an insurance company will consider a claim is to consult your insurance representative before surgery.