WVU Balance Center

Help for Dizziness

vertigo2Dizziness – that awful feeling of spinning or falling – can be associated with a number of different health issues. Feeling dizzy can also be dangerous, so finding the problem and fixing it is important.

The new WVU Balance Center can help if you have repeated episodes of dizziness. The Center is a coordinated effort by a group of our physicians and therapists, including:

  • ear, nose, and throat doctors
  • audiologists
  • physical therapists
  • neurologists
  • gerontologists

What causes dizziness?

The cause of dizziness may not always be simple to detect. Dizziness can be inner-ear related. Meniere’s disease, viral or bacterial infections, and head injuries can affect the inner ear, throwing off the delicate system that controls balance.

Older people may have trouble with dizziness and balance, conditions that are related to age and muscle weakness. Sometimes stroke victims have lingering neurological issues. Even some medications can impair balance.

Our doctors will determine if your dizziness is ENT-related. If it’s not, the ENT doctor will recommend another physician associated with the Balance Center who can help. Most problems can be resolved through medication, surgery, or therapy.

If you have more than one healthcare provider to see regarding your dizziness, the Balance Center schedules the appointments on the same day.