WVU Medicine’s J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in North Central West Virginia to offer advanced, minimally invasive treatment for:

  • Brain aneurysms
  • Strokes
  • Carotid artery disease
  • Head, neck, and spine disorders

Using neuroimaging, our physicians create individualized treatment plans designed to help each patient have the best outcome possible. Our treatment protocols are based on the latest evidence, including research conducted at our own medical center. The neurointerventional team is available around the clock for emergency stroke and aneurysm care, striving to begin treatment as quickly as possible.

Our endovascular approach to care helps patients avoid major open surgery and recover faster than traditional neurosurgeries. Our patients often return home the day after their procedure and can return to their normal activities within just a few days.

Our Team

The expert neurointerventional radiologists at WVU Medicine have provided minimally invasive treatment for strokes and aneurysms for more than 15 years. They help shape the future of neurointerventional services through leadership roles in national physician societies, serving as editors for medical journals and by participating in the latest research and clinical trials.

Our skilled neurointerventional services team includes:

  • SoHyun Boo, MD
  • Jeffrey Carpenter, MD
  • Ansaar Rai, MD
  • Jennifer Domico, Research Nurse
  • Noelle Lucke-Wold, Nurse Practitioner
  • Debbie Schatz, Nurse Scheduler

Both Dr. Rai and Dr. Carpenter have neuroendovascular surgery (NES) subspecialty certification from the Society of Neurological Surgeons Committee on Advanced Subspecialty Training (CAST). Learn more >>

For consultations or referrals, please call Debbie Schatz at 304-598-4051.


At WVU Medicine, we participate in key national clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of endovascular procedures and devices as well as help develop new neurointerventional treatments. We have played a pivotal role in stroke intervention clinical trials, acting as one of the leading centers in international research.

We give patients access to the latest treatments that are not widely available. In 2016, WVU Medicine was one of only a handful of hospitals in the country to offer a novel device to treat brain aneurysms. Patients from across the country have come to our facility to participate in this clinical trial.
Currently the following clinical trials are active:

  • FEAT

Dr. Rai on Clinical Research

Patient Resources

Patients and physicians can learn more about neurointerventional services by visiting the trusted resources below:

Society of Neurointerventional Surgery’s BrainAneurysm.Com. This patient education website includes information on symptoms and treatment of brain aneurysms, as well as resources for patients.

Society of Neurointerventional Surgery Physicians should visit this site to find resources, the latest research publications and other healthcare provider education about stroke and brain aneurysms.

Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Explore the Brain Aneurysm Foundation website to learn more about brain aneurysms and find education and resources designed for patients.