paul-hHighlight: Now that Paul Hevner has lost more than 150 pounds, he’s able to make the most out of his workout sessions

Paul Hevner has always enjoyed going to the gym. Despite his healthy habit, he had another habit that was hard to break: overeating.

At one point, Paul weighed 400 pounds. He tried several different diets, including Atkins and Weight Watchers, and even though he would temporarily lose weight, it always seemed to come back.

In November 2013, Paul attended a Gastric Bypass seminar that changed his life.

“The doctor made it very clear that obesity was one of the leading causes of death. Being 66-years-old at that time and weighing approximately 378 pounds, I knew I had to do something if I wanted to be around to see my grand children grow up to be adults.”

To prepare for the surgery, a dietician told Paul he had to give up carbonated beverages and sweets. That alone helped Paul lose nearly 30 pounds. He had the operation, and by his 6 month checkup, his test results had already improved.

“Hopefully I’ve extended my life and I’ve been able to help fix a lot of my health problems. I was able to give up a lot of different medicines I had to take due to the problems with my obesity.”

Now, Paul says his biggest problem is that he has to keep buying new clothes that fit him.

“I have dropped 16 pant sizes and two shirt sizes. I used to be to the point that I was so big I couldn’t go to Walmart and buy clothes that would fit me. I’d have to look on the internet and spend 3-4 times to get clothes that would fit. Once I started losing weight, the energy came back and I am now able to do stuff that I want to do.”

For Paul, losing this weight has made a dramatic difference in his life. He says he no longer gets hungry, and when he does he is able to control what he eats and how much he eats. He also continues to go to the gym almost every day.