At West Virginia University Hospitals, we use a 64-slice CT Scanner to provide detailed images of the heart’s anatomy and coronary circulation. This technology can detect potential heart problems before patients experience symptoms. For some patients, a Cardiac CT Scan will be the first step in the prevention of a heart attack.

In the past, obtaining this level of information about your heart and coronary arteries would have required cardiac catheterization, an invasive procedure that takes at least an hour to perform and several more hours for recovery. A Cardiac CT Scan procedure, on the other hand, is painless and takes just minutes to perform. It requires only the injection of a contrast dye.

The scan itself takes only seconds and can be easily tolerated even by children. The 64-Slice Cardiac CT Scan is:

  • Highly accurate
  • Rapid
  • Patient- friendly
  • Non-invasive

Anthony Morise, MD, FACC

Professor of Medicine, Heart and Vascular Institute - Morgantown; Professor
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Robert Tallaksen, MD

Professor and Section Chief, Thoracic Radiology
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