pic-lasikLASIK is the most popular laser eye surgery procedure for vision correction. LASIK surgery involves reshaping the inner cornea by creating a thin flap on the cornea, lifting it back and reshaping the surface underneath.

Traditionally, a blade is used in the first step in order to make a flap. Our center offers Z-LASIK which is a total laser, blade-free option.

The Z-LASIK Procedure

  1. Your eyes will be tested to make sure they are healthy and suitable for laser vision correction. If so, your eye will be electronically measured in detail.
  2. The physician will use anesthetic eye drops to numb your eyes and the laser will create the corneal flap necessary for vision correction.
  3. The laser will precisely reshape your corneal tissue and correct your vision. The entire procedure takes a couple of minutes. You will be able to open and close your eyes normally immediately after treatment.
  4. We will give you special eye drops to promote healing. Don’t rub your eyes for the first few hours after the procedure and avoid contact sports and swimming pools for a few days.

Benefits of all-laser LASIK
The all-laser procedure only takes a few minutes. During the treatment, the patient’s head is not fixed so it’s a more comfortable procedure. Z-LASIK can help patients who previously were not candidates for laser eye surgery, including patients with extreme myopia or thin corneas. The laser energy used is also 100 times lower and therefore gentler to the corneal tissue.