WVU Hospitals and University Health Associates are committed to providing quality care to patients regardless of their ability to pay. We have established financial policies to assure that every patient has access to our services and also to assure that we can maintain a strong financial base and maintain these services for everyone.

In emergencies, treatment will not be delayed because of financial or insurance issues. Only after the medical screening examination has been completed and the patient has been stabilized, will WVU Hospitals or University Health Associates initiate calls to third-party payers to verify insurance coverage and for notification of the patient’s arrival in the emergency department. At no time will emergency treatment be delayed because a physician or insurance company cannot be reached or due to a patient’s inability to pay.

For non-emergent care, patients must receive financial clearance prior to receiving scheduled services. Financial clearance can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Authorization and verification of coverage for services under the patient’s insurance plan
  • Approval for assistance under WVU Hospitals Financial Assistance Policy

For uninsured patients who are not eligible for government programs or eligible under WVU Hospitals Financial Assistance Policy, advance payment is expected 72 hours prior to the scheduled service. Discounts may be available.

Prior to discharge, emergency cases where treatment is complete and patient has been stabilized will be requested to comply with the same financial requirements as non-emergency unscheduled patients. Patients admitted to J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital to stabilize their condition without meeting financial resolution requirements will be identified and monitored post stabilization for resolution prior to discharge.

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