Send good wishes to a patient in J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital with a greeting card!

Choose a card from our selection and send a greeting to your friend or loved one in the hospital. A volunteer will print your card and deliver it to the patient in full color and sealed in an envelope. You can also email your card.

This is a free service provided by the Friends of WVU Hospitals and is for patients currently in the hospital only.

Sending a card is easy.

  1. Choose a card from our selection by clicking on the picture of the card you want to send.
  2. In the “To”, “First” box type the first name of the person who is receiving the card. In the “Last” box, type the last name of the person receiving the card. The first and last name will print on your card.
  3. If you want to send this card by email, type the recipient’s email address in the “Recipient Email Address” box. This is optional. If you specify an email address, the recipient will receive their card by email and by hand delivery. Please note that the cards will display correctly only if the recipient views the card with the Internet Explorer browser.
  4. Type “Your Name.” Your name will print on the card.
  5. Type “Your email” address. Your email address will print only if you choose to have this card sent by email by typing in the recipient’s email address.
  6. “Card Title” is your greeting. It is the first thing that will print on the inside of your card. Examples of card titles include “Congratulations!” or “Get well soon!”
  7. Type what you want to say in the “Brief Message” box. The message will print after the recipient’s name and before your name. You must include a message in your card.The inside of the card prints like this …

    To: Joanie Smith
    Congratulations on the birth of your son.
    From: Lucas Jones

  8. Click on “Send Card.”
  9. After you send your card, you will see a message that your card has been sent.
  10. A volunteer will receive your request electronically, print your card, seal it in an envelope, and deliver it.

Note: Please do not use emojis in your card’s message because they are converted to question marks on the printed card.

Cards received after 10 am Monday through Thursday will be delivered the next day. Cards received after 10 am Friday through Sunday will be delivered on Monday.

Greeting cards are delivered to patients that are in-house. Cards are not forwarded to patient’s home address.