Our office is equipped to provide a variety of services to print, digital, and broadcast journalists. Those services include:

  • Expert Interviews – Our team can arrange interviews in person, via email, or by phone with our physicians, scientists, and other healthcare professionals on a wide range of topics – to elaborate on news releases from our campus and to provide expertise on topics making regional and national news.
  • Photography – Our team can arrange shoots for print journalists. We can also provide photos for media use.
  • Videography – Our team can arrange shoots for broadcast journalists. We can also provide b-roll or interview video for media use.
  • Audio – Our office can provide broadcast-quality audio for usage by media outlets and arrange for two-way interviews with reporters.
  • Satellite uplink – For live interviews with WVU Medicine-WVU Hospitals experts or to send video, a satellite uplink is available.
  • Skype – Interviews with our healthcare professionals can be conducted via Skype.
  • FTP site – We have an FTP site available for upload and download of video and large photo files.