William Neal, MD and John Phillips, MD on WVU Medicine's Doctors On Call.Doctors On Call is a statewide program focused on wellness and health. Each hour-long episode features health topics that are important to West Virginians, such as cancer, children’s health, smoking cessation, heart problems, diabetes, and nutrition, presented in informative, fact-filled, and fun segments.

The show is hosted by WVU physicians, and also includes WVU Medicine providers and other health experts. Some of the brightest minds in West Virginia are featured as guests on the show. Each program includes a call in segment that allows viewers to speak directly with health experts and hear their questions answered live, on the air.

Doctors On Call is produced by WVU Medicine and West Virginia Public Broadcasting (WVPB). WVPB reaches more than 450,000 individuals every week. The phone lines are busy throughout every show with callers from all 55 West Virginia counties and the surrounding states.

The show encourages viewers to develop interactive relationships with their own doctors, and take an active interest in and responsibility for their own health.

Watch previous episodes of DOC on the WVU Medicine YouTube channel.

Visit the Doctors On Call Facebook page: facebook.com/doctorsoncallwvu.