Carrier: Unum

Basic Life Insurance

  • Corporate paid benefit – No cost to you
  • Beneficiary receives 1.5 times your annual base salary (or $10,000, whichever is greater) in the event of your death
  • If accidental death, then beneficiary receives an additional 1.5 times your annual base salary
  • Policy offers dismemberment and other applicable loss coverage

Supplemental Life Insurance

  • You can elect an additional 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 times your annual base salary in addition to the basic life insurance.
  • Supplemental life insurance at WVUH is a voluntary benefit. You pay 100% of the premium.
  • Medical underwriting is required if electing Level 2 coverage or above; it is also required anytime elections are made during open enrollment.

Dependent Life Insurance

  • Life insurance coverage for spouse and eligible dependent children to age 26
  • If you do not elect this benefit now or if you increase your level of coverage in the future, then your dependent spouse must go through an underwriting process, which requires disclosure of medical history. Children do not require underwriting.
Level 1
Child $2,000 and spouse $5,000 $.50 per pay
Level 2
Child $5,000 and spouse $10,000 $1.02 per pay

Universal Life Insurance

Carrier: Colonial Life Insurance

  • Voluntary universal life insurance available for you, your spouse, and your children
  • Coverage would be in addition to basic life insurance
  • Contact the Colonial representative for questions and enrollment

** For detailed information regarding your benefit coverage, please visit the HR website on CONNECT.