When can I change my benefits?

  • Open Enrollment is offered sometime in mid to late October. During Open Enrollment you may add, drop, or change any of your benefit elections. Open Enrollment changes take effect January 1st of the upcoming year.
  • Family Status Change can happen anytime during the year. Changes include some of the following reasons:
    • Birth
    • Adoption
    • Divorce
    • Death
    • Marriage
    • Change in Employment Status
    • Loss of other health coverage

When making a change during Open Enrollment or Family Status Change, documentation may be required. Loss or gain of coverage requires proof such as a letter from the carrier. If adding children, birth certificates are required. If adding a spouse, a marriage certificate and if married more than 12 months, a copy of a recent tax return is required. Documents may be uploaded to your Ultimate profile or you may submit them to Human Resources for uploading. Documents must be submitted timely. All dependents must have a valid social security number in Ultimate.

What needs to be done?

  • Required
    • Ultimate online enrollment – New Hire, and Retirement Life Events
    • Make your choices
    • Confirm & submit your elections to complete the process
    • Unum life insurance beneficiary form – receive from Unum and return to Unum
  • Optional

When & Where?

Additional Notes

  • Benefits begin first day of the month following your date of benefit eligible employment
  • Timely enrollment means faster ID cards
  • Missed premiums will be collected as applicable
  • Upload documents to Ultimate or submit to Human Resources