AFLAC Cancer Indemnity Maximum Difference Plan – AFLAC Cancer Indemnity Maximum Difference Plan: AFLAC Maximum Difference Cancer Income Protection Plan at WVUH is a voluntary benefit. You pay 100% of the premium. The plan pays benefits directly to the covered individual. Some plans pay an annual wellness benefit and if the individual or covered family member is diagnosed with cancer while covered under this policy, they will receive cash payments for things such as hospital stay, medical imaging, lodging, experimental treatment, anti-nausea medicine, etc.

AFLAC Accident Insurance – Insurance that can help pay employees cash benefits when unexpected medical and everyday expenses begin to add up after an accident.

Paid Days Off (PDO) – PDO provides you with a combination of vacation days and sick days. The annual allowance of PDO depends on your length of service. After the first year of service, a full-time employee will have earned a total of 17 paid days off. Eligibility begins immediately. PDO is pro-rated for part-time employees.

Paid Holidays – WVUH provides seven designated paid holidays each year. If you work on a designated holiday, you will be paid at 1.5 times your base rate of pay. Eligibility begins immediately. Holidays are pro-rated for part-time employees.

Exempt Illness – This benefit provides exempt employees with 100% of base pay when ill or injured, after an eight hour elimination period. This benefit increases to a maximum of eight weeks after two years of service. Eligibility begins after 90 days of benefit eligible service.

On-Call Pay – If your position requires being on call, you will be paid for two hours at your base rate for each eight-hour shift on call. All hours that you actually work while on call will be paid at
1.5    times your base rate. Eligibility begins immediately.

Shift Differential Pay – A shift differential equal to 10% of a non-exempt employee’s base rate will be added to the hourly rate when the employee works at least two hours on a regularly scheduled shift which begins at 2:00 pm or after, and before 5:00 am.

Tuition Assistance – Tuition assistance provides reimbursement up to a specific dollar amount per year for an approved job or career-related coursework. This benefit is pro-rated for part- time employees. Eligibility begins after one full year of employment.

AAA – You may purchase a discounted membership to AAA and receive emergency roadside assistance, travel planning, free maps and savings at hotels, restaurants, and stores.

Long-Term Care – Employees are eligible to receive a discount for Long-Term Care insurance through Northwestern Mutual.

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