Third-Party Administrator: Unum

Corporate benefit corporate paid benefit – No cost to you!

  • When medically supported, sick time pays 100% of your base salary while off work for a non-work related illness or disability.
  • Employees with a claim must call 1-866-245-2579 after being off for 16 work hours
  • Call and file a claim, in advance, for events that are pre-planned (i.e. surgery, pregnancy, etc.)
  • The first 16 hours off will be taken as Paid Time Off (PTO). The 17th hour off will start sick time.
  • The 16-hour PTO elimination period will be waived if the absence is due to an inpatient admission or for a procedure that requires moderate sedation.
  • Sick time may also be used to care for immediate family members (spouse, children or parents of the employee), provided that the employee’s presence is medically necessary and certified as such by the family member’s physician.
*Accumulation Rate Per Pay Period:  3.70 hours per pay
Accumulation Rate Per Year:  12 days
Maximum Benefit:  130 days (1040 hours)

*Part-time employees accumulate Short Term Disability on a pro-rated basis.  The maximum benefit is also pro-rated.

For detailed information regarding your benefit coverage, please visit the HR website on connect.