The West Virginia Hospital Association (WVHA) is a not-for-profit statewide organization representing 66 hospitals and health systems across the continuum of care. The WVHA supports its members in achieving a strong, healthy West Virginia by providing leadership in healthcare advocacy, education, information and technical assistance, and by being a catalyst for effective change through collaboration, consensus building and a focus on desired outcomes. Members of the Association believe it is essential, in the interest of West Virginia citizens, to have a strong healthcare system that supports and improves the health status of those people served by our hospitals, as well as the economic condition of the state. West Virginia’s hospitals seek to establish and maintain trust among providers, policy makers and the public through actions, sensitivity, professionalism and community-minded commitment to service. The Commitment to Excellence Honors Program (Honors Program) is a way hospitals can be recognized for the outstanding work they do in pursuit of these goals.

The objectives of the Honors Program are to:

  • Reward successful efforts to develop and promote quality improvement activities.
  • Inspire hospitals to be leaders in improving the health of West Virginians.
  • Raise awareness of nationally accepted standards of care that are proven to enhance patient outcomes.

The Honors Program will be updated annually to reflect the quality improvement topics on which the WVHA Quality Committee has recommended hospital action in the pursuit of excellence during the program year.    For each topic area, hospitals will be recognized for their engagement and/or implementation of work in that area.  Level 1- Engagement recognizes hospitals that are actively engaged in planning activities and are moving toward implementation. While Level 2- Implementation recognizes hospitals that have adopted practices, implemented policies, or are actively working to sustain a previously adopted policy or program.

The 2016 Honors Program topic areas are: Antibiotic Stewardship, Breastfeeding Initiative, Employee Influenza Vaccination, Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) 2.0, Use and Prescribing of Opioids in Emergency Departments and Tobacco Cessation Assistance.  The Chief Executive Officer will attest annually to their hospital’s activity in each topic area included in the Honors Program.  There are three types of honors, Bronze, Silver and Gold, to recognize overall hospital achievement in meeting the year’s program goals. Topics that are not applicable to certain hospitals (i.e., breastfeeding initiative for non-birthing hospitals) will be taken into account. Hospitals will be able to indicate not applicable on the Attestation Form.

The 2016 criteria for recognition are as follows:

Bronze Honors: to be recognized as a Bronze Honors recipient: Level 1- Engagement in all applicable topic areas.

Silver Honors: to be recognized as a Silver Honors recipient: Level 1- Engagement in all applicable topic areas and Level 2- Implementation of at least three of the topic areas. (At least two areas for non-birthing hospitals.)

Gold Honors: to be recognized as a Gold Honors recipient: Level 1- Engagement in all applicable topic areas and Level 2- Implementation of all applicable topic areas.



2016 Silver Honors Program Achievement Badge