JOB SUMMARY:  Utilizes the ICD-9-CM and/or ICD-10-CM and CPT-4 classification system for coding of medical records and compilation of statistical information, research, reimbursement and compliance with HCFA guidelines according to diagnosis, operations and procedures prescribed therein.



  1. Responsible to: Director of Physician Services & Coding.
  2. Workers supervised:
  3. Interrelationships: Must maintain a friendly and cooperative attitude with physicians and all hospital personnel.



  1. Education: Graduate from a two year medical records technician course curriculum or completion of a certified long distance coding course, or the equivalent in education and work experience with at least one year of ICD-9-CM and /or ICD-10-CM coding experience preferred. CPT 4 coding experience for outpatient coding positions is required.
  2. Training & Experience: A minimum of one year’s coding experience or previous recent training as a coder/abstractor.



  1. Job Knowledge
    • 1) Must have a good working command of medical terminology and anatomy/ physiology.
    • 2) Must have good working knowledge of all phases of ICD-9-CM and /or ICD-10-CM coding principles and convention and CPT 4 coding principles for outpatient coding positions.
    • 3) Must be capable of analyzing medical records for accuracy and completeness of diagnoses and procedures.
    • 4) Must have experience using the 3M encoder.