We have a 21 bed nursing unit, including private and semi-private rooms. We provide personalized care for patients and family. Our highly skilled experienced nursing staff uses a team approach to treat our patients striving to provide a positive experience through compassionate care and excellent service.

On this unit we treat pediatric thru geriatric age range. Around the clock nursing is provided by a nursing staff, which includes but not limited to, Professional Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Nursing Assistants who work closely with your physician to provide an individualized plan of care as an inpatient and to ensure the continuity of care continues upon discharge.


The staff realizes visitation is important to both the patient and family. For this reason we have visiting hours (11:00am-8:00pm) which allows family time with their loved one while also providing the patient ample time for rest and nursing care to be completed. Please let the nursing staff know if you need to visit at another time.

Pediatric Care

Specially trained staff provides pediatric care. Special accommodations have been made for both the patient and family, which include free meals to the parent staying with the child and free television.

Adolescent/Adult Care

Our scope of care includes but is not limited to; strokes, heart conditions, respiratory problems, nutrition/metabolic disorders, wound care, and IV therapy.

Skilled Swing Bed Services

This unit also offers skilled nursing services that meet Medicare criteria through are multidisciplinary team. The team includes nurses, physicians, physical therapist, pharmacist, pastoral care, dietician, social services, and an activity director. Their care is aimed to help them achieve optimal functional status enabling them to participate in their activities of daily living.

Examples of skilled services are:

  1. Terminal cancer requiring palliative care.
  2. Residents with an unstable condition requiring evaluation.
  3. IV therapy
  4. Tube feedings.
  5. Application of dressings involving prescription medicines and aseptic technique.
  6. Physical therapy rehabilitation.
  7. Care of extensive decubitus.
  8. Surgical wound care.