WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital Celebrates Donate Life Month

On Tuesday, April 18, WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital held a ceremony in honor of Donate Life Month. A Center for Organ Recovery and Education (CORE) flag was given to Reynolds and was raised during the ceremony.

CORE works with Reynolds as well as many other hospitals in Pennsylvania and West Virginia to educate and promote organ donation.

Kevin Britt, EVP/COO of Reynolds, spoke regarding the huge impact just one person can make if he or she chopses to become an organ or tissue donor.

Pictured at the ceremony are CORE representative Angela Hockman, CORE Legal and Legislative Advisor David Mathews, Mindy Leasure and family, Roseann Teramana, Reynolds CEO David Hess, MD, Clinical Nurse Analyst Brooke Francis, RN, EVP/COO Kevin Britt, Reynolds Board of Directors Chairman Bernard Twigg, and WVU Health System Board Member, West Virginia Senator Dr. Mike Maroney.

“Nationally, there are more than 118,000 people waiting for an organ transplant," Britt said. "Every 10 minutes, that number increases, as someone new is added to the National Transplant Waiting List. But just one person can have an incredible effect. One individual has the potential to save eight lives through organ donation and as many as 75 lives through tissue donation.”

Speakers during the ceremony were Mindy Leasure, a double lung recipient, and Roseann Teramana, a living kidney donor. Additionally, an article was read by Brooke Francis, RN, clinical nurse analyst at Reynolds, regarding a teen who chose at the young age of 16 to become an organ donor.

Each shared emotional and thought provoking stories in support of organ donation. Angela Hockman, CORE professional services liaison, explained, “The Donate Life flag is just a small symbol of all of the heroes and their families who, during their darkest hour, made the selfless decision to save and enhance others’ lives through organ, tissue, and cornea donation.”

The CORE flag will fly for the remainder of the month in front of WVU Medicine Reynolds Memorial Hospital.