Ocuplastic, Orbital, and Lacrimal Surgery

The WVU Eye Institute’s oculoplastic surgeons specialize in evaluating and treating diseases and abnormalities of the eyelid, the structures around the eye (known as the orbit), and the tear drainage system, or the lacrimal system. In addition, we have dedicated clinics for Thyroid Eye Disease and Cosmetic BOTOX® Facial Rejuvenation.

Common problems that require oculoplastic and orbital surgery include:

  • facial fractures and injuries
  • tumors
  • droopy eyelids
  • blocked tear ducts
  • skin cancer
  • birth deformities
  • thyroid eye disease

There are many diseases that affect the eyelid and the structures around it. The range of orbital disease and surgery encompasses problems such as:

  • thyroid eye disease (Graves orbitopathy)
  • cancer
  • infection
  • congenital and vascular malformations

The WVU Eye Institute has a specialized clinic for patients with thyroid eye disease.

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