For patients with mitral valve disease who have limited other options and for whom surgery is a very high risk, the experts at WVU Heart and Vascular Institute’s Center for Mitral Valve Disease are ready to help. Backed by our team of cardiologists, surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists, the center is now the seventh site in the United States to provide a unique therapy called transcatheter mitral valve replacement.

This treatment reduces or eliminates mitral regurgitation and, in most cases, gives the patient remarkable relief of their symptoms of shortness of breath and fatigue. Instead of an incision in the chest, the surgeon makes a small incision in the left side with a catheter. A unique device, called MitraClip, can be deployed in patients who have no other option.

With transcatheter mitral valve therapy, patients who have been ill for many years, with shortness of breath and fatigue, feel better almost as soon as they wake up. Their recovery and quality of life improvements have been substantial.