The Chestnut Ridge Center (CRC) and West Virginia University Hospitals (WVUH) Grassroots Grant Program is open to any not-for-profit organization in West Virginia.

If your organization sponsors a community project relating to mental health, substance abuse, dependence, or family preservation you are eligible to apply.

Grants are awarded annually for up to $1000. Projects receiving awards may be funded in part or full.

Funding received from the Grassroots Grant Program may be used for events, materials, educational campaigns, treatment programs, conferences, or related expenses.

Decisions to fund projects are made by an internal hospital committee.  Chestnut Ridge Center and WVUH reserve the right to determine which projects are funded and the amount of the funding distributed to an agency.  Additionally, CRH has the right to cancel the program funding at any time.

Sponsorship of any program funded by this grant is not considered an endorsement of the recipient’s organization by Chestnut Ridge Center or WVU Hospitals.

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Application Information

  1. Grant applications must be typed and consist of no more than eight pages.
  2. Proposals should include the following:
    1. Project description
    2. Timeline
    3. Funding requested (Please include a proposed budget for the project.)
    4. The impact this funding could have on the population it will serve.  (Please include what effect on the population will be felt if funding is not approved.)
  3. If your organization has been awarded grant money from this project in the past, please include a brief description of how the award was used and the impact it had.
  4. Other sources of funding that your organization has been awarded in previous years.
  5. A case study (your best story of what you have done for the community).
  6. Optional one page letter of support.

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For more information contact:
Swapna King
Community Relations Coordinator
930 Chestnut Ridge Road; PO Box 9846
Morgantown, WV  26505