Patient Stories

Thomas White, Wheeling, WV


Thomas White was born with breathing complications and needed to be transported to WVU Medicine Children's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Follow his family's journey in this story.

The Williams' Family, Morgantown, WV


Infertility is a condition that affects one in six couples. But through the use of advanced reproductive technology, these couples are given a better chance of having a baby... or two.

Luke Mertz, Garrett County, MD

Luke Mertz was riding his dirt bike when tragedy struck. Thanks to the WVU Medicine Jon Michael Moore Trauma Center team, Luke was given a second chance.

The Stalder Family, Sardis, OH

After years of trying for a baby, this Ohio Valley couple was elated when they learned they'd be parents of twins. Halfway through the pregnancy, the Stalders learned there was a problem and arrived at WVU Medicine Children's. Watch their story.