WVU Medicine Children’s is the only pediatric hospital in West Virginia that can provide state-of-the-art care for children who have suffered a stroke. A team of pediatric neurologists is available 24/7.

Unlike adults, childhood stroke is usually associated with a pre-existing condition or problem, such as: birth defects, infections (eg, meningitis, encephalitis), trauma, or blood disorders.

Pediatric Stroke – Rare but Serious

As many as 13 per 100,000 children suffer from a stroke each year. Stroke is more frequent in newborns and occurs in about one per 4000 live births. Children who suffered a stroke frequently need long-term treatment with anticoagulation drugs or aspirin.

JCAHO Certified

The WVU Stroke Center is JCAHO-certified. This means we undergo routine, rigorous inspections to make sure that we deliver the highest quality care. The WVU Stroke team uses the latest treatment options to stop a stroke while it is happening, reduce the amount of damage to the brain, and ultimately ensure the greatest chance of survival for our patients.

When a stroke occurs, getting to the hospital quickly can make all the difference.