What are Cards of Hope™ and why are they important?
Cards of Hope™ are greeting cards designed by WVU Medicine Children’s cancer patients, survivors, and their siblings. We are currently in our 25th year.

The cards are the main resource for the WVU Cure Kids Cancer Fund. The Fund ensures that patients and their families receive state-of-the-art medical care, as well as psychological and social support.

What does the money buy?
The money raised through Cards of Hope advances the pediatric hematology and oncology team’s mission by supporting cutting-edge research and healthcare services that enhance our young patients’ quality of life.

Funds raised through Cards of Hope make special events like holiday parties, camps, activities, and crafts possible, and they provide money for educational and resource materials. Cards of Hope also contribute to patient care support while children are in clinic or during hospitalizations. For example we provide drinks for patients in clinic, new patient handbooks, and more.

WVU Medicine Children’s would like to thank The Kroger Co. for underwriting the Cards of Hope project. Thanks to the generosity of The Kroger Co., 100 percent of the sale of every package of Cards of Hope will go directly to help pediatric patients battling cancer.