WVU Medicine Wellness Rewards Program

The Deadline for the WVU Medicine Wellness Rewards Program for 2018 Benefits has passed.

If you have questions about whether you successfully completed the steps, please visit the Highmark Wellness Rewards page at www.highmarkbcbswv.com or call Highmark at 1-877-770-6991.

The following steps were to be completed between Oct. 1 and October 31, 2017 to qualify for the Wellness Incentive:

  • Complete a Wellness Profile through Highmark. This online questionnaire was to be completed by both employee and their covered spouse.
  • Indicate Tobacco Status via the Wellness Profile. The Wellness Profile is where you indicated that you were tobacco free to avoid the tobacco surcharge. If you use tobacco, you could have avoided the tobacco surcharge through enrollment in a tobacco cessation program offered by Highmark BCBSWV.
  • See a Physician for a Preventive Exam between Oct. 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017.
  • Complete a Wellness Screening. Employees must have received a lipid panel and glucose test to qualify.

**Covered spouses must have also completed the Wellness Profile and Tobacco Status steps to qualify for the Wellness Incentive.

Instructions for New Hires & New Enrollees

Employees enrolled in medical coverage with WVU Medicine after 9/1/2017 were not required to complete all Wellness Rewards Program steps by the October 31 deadline.  However, employees newly on medical coverage will now have the opportunity to participate in Wellness Rewards for 2018.  Employees eligible to participant in Wellness Rewards will receive a letter in the mail detailing the steps.

If you enrolled in a WVU Medicine medical plan between Sept. 1 and Nov. 15, 2017, you are eligible to save money in 2018 by participating in the Wellness Rewards program now. To qualify, you and your covered spouse (if enrolled on your medical plan for 2018) must separately complete a brief, online Wellness Profile.

If you meet all program requirements, you will:

  • receive a reduction of either $500 for single coverage or $1,000 for all other coverage levels on your 2018 medical plan deductible
  • avoid the tobacco surcharge of $25 if you are a tobacco user and $50 if both you and your spouse are tobacco users. The surcharge is applied on your per pay medical plan premiums

Before you can complete Wellness Rewards, you must have a Highmark ID card. You will need your member number to register on the Highmark website in order to complete the Wellness Profile.  Employees of Reynolds Memorial Hospital:  You will receive  Highmark Associate ID Card in the mail around Dec 1.  This ID card will only be valid through Dec. 31 but is to be used to register on the Highmark website to complete Wellness Rewards.

Instructions to complete the online Wellness Profile have been enclosed with the letter you will receive in the mail.  Wellness Profile Instructions

>Important: Covered spouses must register and participate separately.

>Indicate Tobacco Status via the Wellness Profile to Avoid Surcharge

By answering the questions related to tobacco use:

  • If member selects “Never Used” or “Previously Used”, step is complete
  • If member selects “Currently Used”, member can enroll in ’How to be Tobacco-free’ to avoid the surcharge. Participate by calling 1-888-BLUE-428.  Call must take place by your deadline

You have until December 31, 2017 to complete the Wellness Rewards steps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does my spouse set up their own account?

Your spouse will go through the same registration process and select that they are registering as a spouse.

If my covered spouse does not complete the Profile but I do, will I still receive the deductible credit?

Yes, however, if he/she does not complete the Profile, the per pay tobacco surcharge will be applied.

If I enrolled in 2017 medical coverage after Nov. 15, when will I be able to complete Wellness Rewards?

You will receive a communication in late December or early January with instructions and details to complete Wellness Rewards.


For further assistance/questions, please contact the WVU HR Service Team at 1-833-599-2100 or Highmark Customer Service at 1-877-770-6991 for technical questions.