General Enrollment Info and How to Enroll

2018 Open Enrollment Period has ended.

For employees who were hired on or after November 1, 2017, you will have an opportunity to change or enroll in coverage for 2018 in December.  Please watch for additional communications on this website, emails, and in the mail.

Benefits Eligibility

Benefits eligibility is based on employment status and regularly scheduled hours.

Full-time WVU Medicine employees regularly working 36 or more hours per week or .9 FTE to 1.0 FTE are eligible for medical, dental, vision, flexible spending accounts, basic life, and supplemental life for yourself, your spouse and eligible child(ren).

Part-time WVU Medicine employees regularly working 20 hours up to 36 hours per week or .5 FTE up to .9 FTE are also eligible for these benefits.

Employees with less than a .5 FTE who have been working more than an average of 30 hours per week may be eligible for the Mountaineer HDHP medical option with Health Savings Account (HSA), in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. If this applies to you, you will be notified.

Spouses and Dependents

Eligible dependents include your husband or wife as defined by federal or state law.  Any children under age 26.  Children who are mentally or physically disabled and incapable of self-support, provided the disability occurred before age 26.

If you are enrolling your dependents for the first time in medical, dental and/or vision benefits, you must certify that the dependent is eligible for coverage.  No exceptions.  Documentation is as follows:

Dependent Child Spouse
  • Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth, or
  • Copy of most recent tax form that shows dependent status
  • Marriage Certificate (if married within the last tax year)
  • Copy of most recent federal tax return that shows marital status (you may blackout any salary information)

Life Events

You cannot change your benefit elections after the deadline unless your have a qualifying change-of-status event.  You have 30 days from the time of the qualified event to change your benefit elections.

Call 1-833-599-2100 to speak with a representative if you questions.

You are allowed to make changes only to those benefits directly affected by the qualifying event. For example, the birth of a baby would allow an employee to add the baby to a medical, dental, and/or vision plan, and enroll in a flexible spending account or increase current election amount(s), but would not allow a participant to terminate coverage.

Qualifying Changes in Family Status Examples

  • marriage
  • divorce
  • birth or adoption
  • spouse gains or loses employment
  • death of a spouse or dependent
  • dependent child reaches age 26

Qualifying Changes in Employment Status Examples

  • change of status (full-time /part-time / casual)
  • beginning or end of sabbatical
  • beginning or end of extended sick or illness leave
  • beginning or end of leave of absence extending three months or longer

HIPAA Special Enrollment Periods

Most of the benefits plans offered through WVU Medicine are paid with pre-tax dollars. In exchange for that tax advantage, you legally cannot enroll in, cancel, or make changes to your medical, dental, vision, or flexible spending account plans outside the annual Open Enrollment period, unless you experience one of the qualifying events described above.

WVU Medicine’s policy for allowing changes outside Open Enrollment in the case of certain qualifying life events is consistent with the federal Department of Labor guidelines under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

WVU Medicine Benefits for 2018

Benefit Benefit Paid By
Benefit Taxation
Medical Insurance Plan Employer/Employee Pre-Tax
HSA Contribution Employer/Employee Pre-Tax
Dental Insurance Plan Employer/Employee (FT employees)
Employee (PT employees)
Vision Insurance Plan Employer/Employee (FT employees)
Employee (PT employees)
Basic Life and AD&D Coverage Employer N/A
Employee Supplemental Life Insurance Employee Post-Tax
Spouse Life Insurance Employee Post-Tax
Child Life Insurance Employee Post-Tax
Healthcare Flexible Spending Account Employee Pre-Tax
Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account Employee Pre-Tax
Live-Balance Program Employer N/A